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Homeless Outreach

Florida Community Prevention Center, Inc. began in 2001 as a federally recognized not-for-profit agency in Yulee, Florida (Nassau County, Florida).  The legal name of the agency is Healing BALM of Ministries of Northeast Florida, Inc.  In the late 90’s, Healing BALM began it’s humble beginnings as HIV/AIDS Test Site.  It is still the only AIDS Service Organization in Nassau County providing free HIV/AIDS Testing, Counseling and Linkages to the general public.  In 2007, Healing BALM officially adopted the name Florida Community Prevention Center, Inc. (FCPC) to reflect the direction of the agency.

Today, FCPC, is nationally known as a behavioral case management agency providing prevention intervention services that includes housing assistance to homeless and displaced families, health awareness, training/development, and research.

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